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CPG Loyalty: How to Create an Effective Structure

by Arif Damji
April 19, 2016
CPG Loyalty: How to Create an Effective Structure

It is no secret that code-on-pack is on the decline. The approach of using product packaging as a method to allow registration of product purchases can be expensive to the brand and inconvenient for the customer. As a result, many CPG programs have been left with low enrollment and participation rates. However, this is certainly not a reason to overlook the power of a loyalty program for your CPG brand, and today we’ll discuss how CPG brands are utilizing new partnerships, structures, and technologies to create effective loyalty programs. So, why is CPG loyalty traditionally seen as ineffective? Our VP of Loyalty Strategy, Zach Woith, often says that “the purpose of a loyalty program is to change the behavior of a member segment to align them with the objectives of the brand.” This means that you want your members to increase spend, stay active, become brand advocates, and build further brand affinity. In order to be... Read more


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