LoyaltyPlus Enterprise
Achieve brand loyalty across channels with more flexibility and scalability
Deployed in the cloud, LoyaltyPlus Enterprise makes it easy to manage a fully-branded loyalty program that increases the profitability of your customer relationships.
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    Omnichannel Engagement
    Let customers earn and redeem rewards no matter where they shop with you, whether online, in stores, or through a mobile app.
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      Actionable Analytics
      Power data-driven selling with actionable loyalty analytics.
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      More Social Benefits
      Spur referrals and advocacy with full suite of widgets, plug-ins, and gamification tools.
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    Segment-Driven Loyalty
    Measure and optimize loyalty for each of your customer segments to achieve maximum ROI for your program.
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      Flexible Rewards
      Choose any reward format, including cash back, points, or offers.
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      Easy Redemption
      Let members redeem their rewards at checkout or on dedicated redemption pages.
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    Fully Customized Design
    The flexibility of our platform allows for fully customizable engagement actions and rewards that align with your brand image and positioning.
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      More Quality Content
      Get customers to create content that drives sales & engagement.
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      Effective Promotions
      Run targeted campaigns to stimulate purchase, retention, and engagement.
Omnichannel loyalty
Drive customer identification across all touch points
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    Boost omnichannel engagement
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    Tie together online & in-store loyalty
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    Get a single customer view
Loyalty analytics
Maximize ROI with actionable loyalty intelligence
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    Real-time loyalty metrics
    Instantly understand trends around enrollment, purchase, and engagement.
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    360-degree customer view
    Gain a single view of customer loyalty across all of your channels.
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    Intelligence by segment
    Get powerful insights into your customers based on social profiles and site behavior.
Easily plug into your existing
e-commerce and marketing platforms
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Ready to increase the profitability of your customer relationships?