• LoyaltyPlus is the leading SaaS Lifetime Value Platform that enables you to identify, acquire, and retain your high-value customers. LoyaltyPlus empowers you to present your customers with the right incentives, such as reward points, social recognition, and exclusive access and promotions. Engage your customers at each stage of their lifecycle, from the time they become aware of your brand through conversion to loyalty and ultimately advocacy.
Key Benefits
  • Seamless Integration
    Launch more quickly! The LoyaltyPlus For Magento extension ensures a seamless integration between LoyaltyPlus Essential or Enterprise and your Magento store.
  • Broad Magento Support
    Supported Magento versions include:
    • Magento Enterprise Edition 1.11, 1.10, 1.9
    • Magento Community Edition 1.5, 1.6
    • X.commerce version coming soon
  • Engage Your Customers
    Built in gamification functionalities ranging from badges to leaderboards ensure that your loyalty program will stand out from the competition. Never lose an opportunity to bring your customers back.
  • Interactive Member Dashboard
    The seamless integration of the Member Dashboard into your store's My Account sections gives your customers direct access to their loyalty program data, enabling them to do everything from redeeming rewards to connecting their social accounts to referring friends with ease.
  • Points & Rewards Engine
    Configure rewards and points right in the LoyaltyPlus Portal. Your loyal customers can redeem their points at checkout to pay in full or for a portion of their transaction.
  • Expert Support
    Our team of experts will help you with the implementation process and provide you with the tools necessary to configure, manage, and optimize your social loyalty program. Post launch, our client success team will check-in with you to ensure that we're helping you meet your marketing objectives. Additional services, e.g. creative design, are available as needed.
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  • Demo Extension
    Check out the demo Magento store, installed with LoyaltyPlus For Magento.
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    Download the Magento Extension here after you've spoken to a sales professional.